Thursday, March 27, 2014

I see the lust in your eyes 
You staring at my thighs 
And when I come your way 
How fast your nature rise 

You want to kiss my lips 
Place your hands on my hips 
Devour my beyond 
And get drunk off the sips 

You'd like to pull on my hair 
As your body takes me there 
Feel my lips on your neck 
And hear my moans in your ear 

It's better than you imagined 
It's a grand as your dreams 
It's sweeter than honey 
Baptized in my stream 

Missing U

Craving you 
Wanting you near 
Willing to give 
All you can bear 
Lusting your soul 
Feigning your heart 
Hating every 
Moment apart 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Every time it rains you will think of me
The day you experienced pure ecstasy 
The rhythmic sound gently tapping on my window pane
And the heartbeats of two friends lost & found again
Holding me close, labored breaths in tune
Feelings of what could be filling the room
We don't speak, we just lay in this moment so sweet
Enjoying pure bliss as we both fall asleep


I shouldn't want his kisses
I shouldn't yearn his love 
It's too much pressure in knowing 
It's he I'm always thinking of 
He feels so constricted
He simply wants to breathe 
Sometimes we can love someone so much
That we force them to leave 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


My eyes can't disguise 
Though my lips say otherwise 
My bra can't restrain 
The excitement my panties contain 
My dry mouth won't surmise 
These wet lips to your surprise 

My words a mere ploy 
But my body's less coy 
My cool demeanor a distraction 
My soul begs for satisfaction 

I want you 

My words won't say it 
But my body displays it 
Nipples at attention 
Pussy dripping sweet dissension

Acting aloof is no good for me 
Because my wants plot a mutiny  

Monday, August 12, 2013

How can you hate thang
With such a beautiful name?
How could something so marvelous 
Ever cause disdain?
When pussy is in bloom
It can bring forth life
How she shares it & how he treats it
Distinguishes his whore from his wife

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fanpage update

Well, for some reason my previous fanpage of facebook was deleted.  If you were a friend then you know that is where I posted a lot of my erotic poems and had open, adult conversations.  Please visit my new home and LIKE the page at  I thank you so much in advance!